Hello !

I’m Top Bun, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit. This is me :


Quite handsome, if I do say so myself. There are more pictures of me here, if you are interested.

I live in Tokyo, Japan :

My Home


I was adopted by a family in Tokyo when I was about 1 year old, in 2012. I have my own room in their house. It has a hutch which was custom built for me by my adopting family. It has lots of levels, a small den, food and water, and a basement area which is cool safe and dark. The hutch door is never closed – I’m free to go in and out whenever I like. The temperature of the main room is always monitored ( you can see it here ) and if it gets hot, I go outside and lie in the shade on a cold stone. You can see the top level of my home here.

I also have daily access to a secure garden, where I can run around, explore, or just rest :

Top Bun Relaxing

I eat a lot of hay, sometimes timothy hay from Canada and sometimes oat hay from Hokkaido, the northern island in Japan. I snack on salads and  if I’m good, I sometimes get a piece of banana. I’m quite partial to herbs too, I love fresh coriander and basil. Of course, I’m always keen to eat pellets.

If it’s daytime in Tokyo ( check the clock on this page ) you might be able to see me eating on my live webcam. If it’s not accessible, it may because I’ve eaten the cable again. It looks like a tasty root. I also have Windows and Mac applications to run on your computer that let you view my world from your world.

I hope you enjoy my site. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook too of course.

Best Regards,

-Top Bun

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